Hi, I am Ronn! Everyone that is into gaming, whether it is mobile gaming or ‘normal’ gaming, will recognize that it can be pretty frustrating at times. My friend David and I had these exact same experiences as you did and, being programmers, we decided to do something about it!

That is why we created this website freegamecheatsnow.com. With the website we try to provide you with hacks to a lot of the most popular games available on the market right now. We are always working to find new cheats and codes and are always eager to share this with you as soon as possible.

For the moment we have hacks available for 6 of the most popular mobile games:

  • zombie diary 2
    zynga poker hack
    unturned hack
    league of legends hack
    dungeon rampage hack
    goodgame empire hack

These are the only ones available at the time of writing (january 2017), but we expect to have hacks for at least two other very popular games. For those we are still in the last testing phase.

With the hacks we try to provide answers for the most common issues one experiences when playing the games, having to little access to the games assets. Our cheats will give you the opportunity to generate coins, gems and all other sorts of assets that should be bought or earned in the game.

The best part is that the hacks are provided to you totally free of charge. However, as you will notice, we ask you to go through a small quiz or game for human verification. The quiz or game contains in fact some kind of commercial intent. The benefits of these commercial provide us the financial independence to keep programming cheats and generators for many games to come. We also try to provide updates for downloaded hacks as soon as they become available, so please check the page on regular basis for the latest updates.

Thanks very much for your interest in our products and … happy gaming!