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Boost The Game And Get The Experience You Truly Want With The Dungeon Rampage Hack

Finding the ideal game, making it even better and getting the gaming thrill we all want may sound impossible and even difficult to imagine, but it is actually very simple. Here, we will be focused on Dungeon Rampage, an amazing game that already has millions of satisfied gamers. Of course, the gaming experience it offers can be improved, in particular with our very own Dungeon Rampage Hack, so stay tuned.

DOWNLOAD APK v 2.1 (last update: 22 january 2017)

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Step-by-step installation instructions:

  1. Uninstall all previous versions
  2. Download and Install the APK (use the link above)
  3. Extract the download in the Internal Android Folder
  4. Done, Enjoy the game with access to all available assets

What is Dungeon Rampage?

Dungeon Rampage is a simple game that has a lot to offer. First, we get an interesting gameplay that is different than any other we have encountered. You have your heroes, your dungeons, and your weapons. As you can imagine, when mixed, you get amazing battles.

In order to play the game and make a progress, you will need gold and gems. In essence, they are the online currency that can help you speed up the waiting process get you an item, allow you to upgrade a hero and etc. There are a lot of possibilities you can get with the gems and gold. Of course, they are not free and you cannot get them in unlimited amounts unless you use our amazing Dungeon Rampage hack.

The main goal of the game is to advance and reach higher levels. The first levels are treated as beginning levels and they are between 1 and 30. Next, we have medium levels (30-50) and the highest levels (50-60). Keep in mind that advancing is a time-consuming process and you are going to need a lot of patience.

Heroes and weapons are level based, therefore we must add the fact that the level, you are currently on is the most important element in the game. That’s why investing into increasing levels is extremely important.

DOWNLOAD APK v 2.1 (last update: 22 january 2017)

The Dungeon Rampage hack: Why it is so important?

The game itself is slow, meaning that unless you have a couple of months to invest in it, you won’t be able to reach higher levels and to make some impressive progress! The only alternative that allows you to get all the benefits, but without wasting your time is the Dungeon Rampage hack.

Our hack will simply make the Dungeon Rampage game better. You can get additional gold and gems, as most standard hacks have to offer. However, our hack is better. It provides health as well, so you can get a full health and be prepared for a battle at any time you want.

Besides all of this, the hack allows you to get a free hero! This is the ultimate option you can get and it is the one that makes the entire hack simply astonishing. The bottom line is simple. All you have to do is to click on add a new hero and you are done.

All features of the hack are free and simple to use. There are neither catches nor side effects that should be avoided. On the other side, you will get a complete hero and a profile that stands out of the crowd.

Like in the real life, money has an important role. In the game you have gold, but the point is the same. With the gold, you can speed up the processes, buy anything you want and even control the game. With the hack, you get unlimited gold, so imagine what you can do!

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Our Dungeon Rampage hack is undetectable

Dungeon Rampage Hack downloadDon’t be afraid of using our hack. It cannot be detected by the game servers, nor by your friends. In general, you can use it as many times you want and the process is the same each time. The main reason for that is in the coding the hack features. It is identical to the lines of the game of code, so the game servers treat it as an addition rather than an intruder.

Dungeon Rampage hack can be used as many times as you want, but we recommend to use it once per day (maximum), due to the fact if you use it more frequently, other players won’t stand a chance against you.

The best part is the fact our hack works on all game servers. No matter in which part of the world you live, you can use it. Adding that you can get a free hero, simply makes the entire hack and the entire game a lot better.

Guide for using our hack the first time

The hack tool itself is extremely simple and you will have to know just a few things before you can use it. The first thing to do is to download it. The hack is free and you need a couple of seconds to download it. After that, it will be located on your hard drive.

Run the file and you will see a window asking you for your login details. Enter then and confirm. Now, you have a window that asks you to enter a number of gems and gold and health you want. Just enter any number you want and confirm.

A separate feature is the ability to get a hero. It is done in the same way and it is obviously free. Keep in mind that besides safe coding, our hack is the safest and the most useful, thanks to the possibility we have just mentioned.

This is a small guide for using the hack tool for the first time. The next time you want to use it, it will be on your hard drive, so all you need to do is to run it and repeat rest of the steps.

Need help with Dungeon Rampage: Here is how you need to play the game
We mentioned that the game is fun, but we never said it is simple. In fact, the game has a lot of details and the gaming interface is unique, so you get a complicated game to play. Anyway, with our help and the help of the amazing hack we just introduced, you can play as a professional, after the first day.

For the best results, run the hack as soon as you began playing the game. This will boost the entry levels and help you reach higher ones in a shorter period of time. Because higher levels bring a lot of improvements and a lot of additional possibilities, we can say that this is definitely something to try!Game characters

The experience you earn in the game has a huge role. It can boost your levels, make a more powerful player and it is used to measure the strength of a hero. There are two ways to get it. The first one is to use boss battles. They are short and straightforward, but keep in mind that you may lose it. In essence, when you defeat a boss, you get a huge amount of experience, which is a nice thing! Tip: The first boss is easy to defeat. Just run towards him and then use all your power to kill him. You will need 30 seconds.

The second way to get experience is to join your friend’s dungeon that isn’t still completed. Once it is done, you will also get full battle experience. Maybe this is a less effective way, but it isn’t time-consuming, so you should definitely use it.

Getting gold is difficult without the Dungeon Rampage hack. In order to make it more effective, try to run through the dungeons faster. This is the top tip regarding the gold and how to get it as soon as you can. Keep in mind that headshots are useful as well. In general, you get more gold when you kill an opponent more quickly. That’s why you need more powerful weapons. In addition, we also recommend you running through more advanced and more complicated dungeons. They generate more gold and they give you additional benefits.

Pets are an important asset in the game. They will follow your hero no matter where he goes and they will teleport if you leave them far behind. However, they aren’t as strong as the hero obviously. When they are caught in traps, they can be easily killed. The situation is the same when enemies attack you. Don’t be afraid. When killed, a pet will need 60 seconds to appear again. Some of the most powerful pets are War Rhino, Night Wolf, and Red Dragon.

Single gameplay should be used when you want to try a new hero and to learn something new. Only when you are ready, try multiplayer mode and play it with your friends. With the Dungeon Rampage hack you will defeat them!

DOWNLOAD APK v 2.1 (last update: 22 january 2017)

Download now

Step-by-step installation instructions:

  1. Uninstall all previous versions
  2. Download and Install the APK (use the link above)
  3. Extract the download in the Internal Android Folder
  4. Done, Enjoy the game with access to all available assets

The importance of chests in the game

In order to get weapons and certain items, you will have to open chests. They are different, bringing different items and they should be opened at a specific time! Here, we will help you which and when you should open.

Brown chests are the most common ones. They should be opened as soon as you can and they will usually give you a weapon that is slightly better that the one you have. On the other side, sometimes they can give you weapon from -2 levels.

When you are between 20th and 30th level, open blue chests. They can give you weapons that will last 10 levels.

Yellow should be opened only when you achieve level 50 and above and the violet ones are the legendary ones. They should be opened only at the highest levels and they can give you the most powerful weapons.

Playing the game with and without the hack

Game chartNow you already know how great this game is. There are a lot of original possibilities, interesting heroes and even astonishing pets. Of course, the gameplay is impressive as well. Still, the game is complicated! It features a completely extraordinary gameplay and gaming request, so unless you are a professional with this kind of games, you are going to need a huge amount of time!

If we add that you get 1 point, 1 gem, 2 gold and 10 EX, we can help you understand how slow your progress will be! There is no alternative to speed this up and to reach higher levels faster!

Dungeon Rampage hack is something that will eliminate all the issues from the game, but add a lot of interesting capabilities. First of all, you get unlimited resources, which mean that you can get higher levels in no time at all. Your hero will be stronger and your pet will make a difference. After all, it is a much better when you can play the game at higher levels than to play the first ones. At early levels, the game is more learning-focused, so you get just the basic features and capabilities. Only when you reach level 20, the fun begins.

Trying a new hero is the main desire of most gamers. This is something that can make the entire game better and more appealing. However, buying them is expensive and in most cases impossible. The Dungeon Rampage hack simply allows you to get any hero you want and to see all of his strengths!

The final thought you should know

Don’t think that just a small number of gamers use the hack tools. According to our survey, more than 70% of the Dungeon Rampage use hack tool. Maybe a few decades ago, you had to use a hack to complete the game as soon as possible, but now the situation is different. Now, you must use the Dungeon Rampage hack just to be a rival of those who already used it.

Some gamers play in teams and in groups which guarantee them reaching higher levels and more gold/EX. If you don’t have this privilege, your progress will be affected. Once again, our hack can help you fight gamers like those we just mentioned. Not only you will be a match to them, you will also be better and stronger than all of them!

At the end, think on this hack as on your friend who is here to assist you in any way you can imagine.