• Do I need to sign up for an account to have access to the hacks?

No. This is not necessary at all. We don’t even have accounts available. All resources can be accessed freely for everyone.

  • How do you create these types of hacks

We will not tell you 🙂 Let’s just say that David and I have over 25 years of programming experience and that is something that comes in really handy for this kind of stuff.

  • Do you earn money with this project?

Just a little, not much more than covering the expenses. The human verification has some commercial intent in it and let’s us generate a small fee on every download.

  • Will you ever charge for new hacks?

That is hard to say. Suppose one day David and I find the crack for one of the biggest games in the field, it could be we will be charging for that. For updates of already downloaded hacks however, we will never, ever charge you any money.

  • Do you plan on creating any other hacks than the current ones available?

Most certainly yes! So the best advise we could give you is to bookmarkt this page and come back on regular basis to check if new cheats are already available.