Unturned Hack for iOS and Android – update 2017

Unturned Hack : Use It And Become God In The Game

Did you play Unturned? Chances are high you have played and you are playing ever since. Why not. The game is highly interactive, fun to play, different and feature-rich. In a matter of fact, this may be one of the top 10, the most played games in the world ever developed.

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Step-by-step installation instructions:

  1. Uninstall all previous versions
  2. Download (use the link above) and extract the download in the Internal Android Folder
  3. Install the extracted file by tapping once
  4. Done, Enjoy the game with access to all available assets

Eliminating the rules in Unturned

Unturned is fun to play, but it is a complicated game. As a new gamer, you will have to develop your skills extremely fast. You must get an idea how the game works and what are the most needed items in the game. If we add the fact that there are zombies, opposite players and game features that can kill you, we can deduct that you must invest a lot of time into developing all the skills you are going to need.

Collecting items is one of the main parts of the game. It is also one of the hardest things to do. Anyway, all of this may sound impossible, but with the help of Unturned hack, it will become extremely simple. You will get a lot of additional possibilities, you will be able to do things that other players cannot and you will simply master the game.

In standard mode, Unturned is a fast-action game that is set to be extremely difficult to play. In simple words, most new players will quit after a short period of time. You will have to try and play for days, before you learn what and how to do something. This also applies to all game modes. But, some are even more complicated.

Use our advanced Unturned hack to change the rules

Unturned hack - beach and skyOur latest hack is simply amazing. Maybe you had to wait a bit longer for it, but there is a perfect explanation for that. This is a different type of hack than you may hear of. The first thing to know is that there are a lot of features, far more than a conventional hack. This is also the main reason why you had to wait slightly longer for it. Luckily for you, it is available and it will stay available ever since.

Most game hacks do just one thing, For example, most hacks will add money, add lives and etc., but the Unturned hack is different. There are a lot of features you will get and all of them were developed to make the game simpler to play but not to eliminate the fun factor. The main features of the amazing hack here are: the ability to fly (you can even adjust the speed your character has), get any item you want, without the need to search for it, add experience and kill all other characters. Sounds interesting? There is one feature more. With the Unturned hack, you get a unique ability to lock your aiming on a desirable player. Then, just press the left click once, and he will be killed.

The hack is easy to use and it cannot be detected, therefore you can become the best gamer in a game as soon as you run it for the first time. An important thing to consider is that there are no side effects of using the hack. It is simple, safe and appealing.

Unturned: Main features

Unturned is one of the most popular games ever developed by the Smartly Dressed Games. The main programmer and developer is Nelson Sexton. It is available for all OS platforms, including Linux, which may be a rare feature. The game itself is focused on the speed and the number of actions you can do in it. The graphics is suitable for all types of computers, even older ones.

The main part of the game is the open world. You will have to escape from zombies and to collect certain items in order to survive. Despite the fact there are zombies in the game, it is allowed even for children to play it.

There are several different models in the game and each one is completely different. It also has 3 difficulty levels, so it is highly recommended to start with the easiest one! The hardest level is reserved for professional gamers, so don’t expect to survive there for a long period of time.

The game is also available in multiplayer version. There are groups and teams to choose and play with. Once again, this is a more demanding level of the game, therefore you should get enough practice before the move to it.

DOWNLOAD APK v 1.7 (last update: 22 january 2017)

How to play the Unturned

Without our Unturned hack, playing the game is difficult. As we already mentioned, there are different modes. All of them are based on the same principle, but all of them have different requirements and different features. Anyway, the main modes are:

  • Single player mode- Here, you will be placed in an open world where you must escape zombies and survive. There are a lot of different items to collect, such as ammo, health kits, food and etc. In essence, you can collect all the items that are used in real life for survival.
  • Multi player mode- In multiplayer mode, you can fight and defeat other players, or you can play just to escape from zombies. All other possibilities, such as playing in a team, running away and playing as a spy (killing members of your team) are possible.
  • Arena mode- This is the most stressful and the most addictive mode you can get. With the hack, it is interesting, but without it, you will need practice. Here, you will be located in an arena, where you must escape the zombies, fight the players and still collect items. However, here even the borders of the arena can kill you. Even more important, the border will contract and kill all the players who cannot reach the center of the arena.
  • Horde mode- This mode is still under development, but it is expected soon to be implemented into the game.

There are three levels of difficulty, as we already said. The first one is aneasy level where zombies less frequently spawn and items are 50% easier to get than in normal mode. This is a highly recommended mode for beginners.

Normal mode is slightly heavier than the easy mode. Here, there will be plenty of zombies and items, so playing is intuitive and interesting.

Hardcore mode is a masterpiece. All the items are rarely available, there are far more zombies than in other two modes and survival is more challenging. This level is suitable for preparation for multiplayer mode.

Most gamers believe that the first thing to do in the game is to kill as many zombies and opponents as you may. However, experts recommend that collecting items should be the priority. Once you have collected the ammo, health kit, food, and water, you will be well-prepared for attacking your opponents. Nevertheless, killing opponents, while collecting items, should be a part of the game.

Unturned is one of those games that offer paid improvements. In this case, you can get Permanent Gold Upgrade. It costs around $5 and it will allow you to get all the items in gold color. It doesn’t have any importance to the gameplay, but it makes all the items more interesting.

Creating maps in the Map Editor

Unturned house and farmDue to the fact Unturned is a map-based game, gamers have an ability to create their own maps. Nowadays, there are a lot of maps that were created by groups and communities. They offer the same features as standard maps, but they look completely different and they require a different gameplay.

As a player, you can create your own map. All you need is the Map Editor. It is simple to use, but it is a time-consuming process. You will need a lot of time and you will have to know specifics about designing the map. You must add locations of the available items, rules, zombies and etc. Our Unturned hack is commonly used by players who develop new maps. In general, the hack allows them to try the map before publishing it. Thanks to the several features the hack has, a gamer can explore the entire map without the risk of being killed. As such, this is the only and the best alternative to testing maps.

Using the Unturned hack is more important than you may believe, here’s why

Cars on the highwayThe hack in question was developed by programmers who had a hard time playing the game. So, it isn’t developed as a commercial addition to the game, nor as an alternative to win the tournaments. It is a simple, but useful help you are going to need. The game is complicated and stressful, so you need something to allow you to achieve far more. The hack is the only and the best thing that allows you precisely this.

Without the hack, you will be doomed to 24 hours playing just to reach low-entry achievements. For making a significant progress, you will need far more time. Some gamers have invested months of playing just to reach a high EX level. With the hack, you can get it instantly.

Another reason, why you should use the hack is to eliminate the restrictions the game has. All developers will limit the game possibilities just so they can allow them to specific gamers. In a matter of fact, some hacks are developed by the actual developers of a game. Every single game will be more interesting without these limitations, so you can experience the full potential. On the other hand, without a hack, you may get bored, especially in a situation when you play a difficult game, such as Unturned. The bottom line here is not to think on the hack as one cheating, think of it as on the improvement.

The last but not least is the competition. Almost all of them use some kind of cheats. Most of them allow them just one, additional possibility, like flying. Our hack is the only of a kind, allowing you to get and use several, and different possibilities. There won’t be any limitations. We must add the fact that because Unturned is a free game to play, it isn’t unethical to use thehack.

Using the hack is perfectly safe

Unturned hack has been developed for a couple of months. During that period it has been tested 189 times. Even today, it gets regular updates (completely free) that allow you to use it for a longer period of time, without the risk of being detected.

In simple terms, the hack is 100% safe to use. It won’t crash the game, nor can it be detected. Why? The game itself already has the codes and for flying, killing all the enemies and adding new items quickly. The hack only enables those codes, so it doesn’t add new ones. The game’s engine and the system file won’t be affected by the hack.

The final thought regarding our amazing Unturned hack

If you still wonder, should you use Unturned hack, stop! The hack is free, it is safe to use and you can use it one time or a million times, it is up to you. When the game becomes boring to you, try the hack and you will play it for a longer period of time. When you cannot achieve something, use the hack and you will get it instantly. Once you are done, you don’t have to use the hack again, so you can play as an ordinary player.

The most important fact to remember is that our hack is a premium allowing mode. You will use the full potential of the game and you will become a better gamer. This is the only way to get the most of the game and to master it completely! Without the hack, you will reach the mid-level of skill development and you will stay there. Only with the hack, you can reach the highest game levels. There are neither catch nor hidden side effects that will affect your gaming experience.

DOWNLOAD APK v 1.7 (last update: 22 january 2017)

Download hack now

Step-by-step installation instructions:

  1. Uninstall all previous versions
  2. Download (use the link above) and extract the download in the Internal Android Folder
  3. Install the extracted file by tapping once
  4. Done, Enjoy the game with access to all available assets