Wireless Fence for dogs for easy pet training and management

Our pet dog’s protection and security are our main concerns, but it is difficult to make them stay in a specified area. They would usually wander around our yard and without noticing it, sometimes around the neighborhood. An answer to your problems is the wireless fence for dogs.

Training your dog to stay in the safe zone is now a lot easier. If you buy a wireless fence for dogs, you won’t have to worry about them leaving your backyard. You can also say goodbye to destroyed plants, dirty house floor because of your dogs running around, ransacked trash cans. You can also keep your dogs away from the pool area.

What Does It Do?

Wireless fence for dogs contains your pet in a selected area because of transmitters and electric waves. Just like wired fences, the wireless dog fence will keep your dog safe but instead of wires, there will be an area covered by the transmitter. When your dog approaches the warning zone, a safe static wave will be felt by your dog signaling him to stop, which will eventually condition him about the boundaries. The fence will control him from going to areas where he will feel the electric shock.

If your pet weighs more than 8 pounds then it is highly encouraged that you use a wireless fence for dogs. Setting it up is easy to do, you just have to activate the transmitter— you can adjust it to your preferred 5×90 feet range. For this, you need not set-up wires or install anything, so this will happen swiftly.

Just to let your pet have an idea about the boundary, put colored flags on the boundaries to indicate that those places are dangerous zones for him. Eventually, your pet’s mind will be conditioned that he should not come near those flags or else he will feel an electric shock, which is harmless.

Wireless fence for dogs’ kit usually comes with transmitter (switch for on/off, voltage control, boundary indicator) and collar (receiver, water-resistant.) An instructional manual is also part of the kit.

Petsafe If-300

Another example of a wireless fence for dogs is a product of Petsafe (If-300.) If you are already a Petsafe fence for dogs’ user and you added a new dog to your pets, then you need not to worry. All you have to do is buy another collar. The collar is lightweight so your pet will not notice that it’s wearing a collar. The collar for the fence designed by Petsafe will only work if you are using their whole kit of the wireless fence for dogs. You can adjust the static electricity—there are five levels. A beep will serve as a signal before the electric wave. If you already have the Petsafe wireless fence for dogs, you can use it with as many pets as you want, as long as each of them has a receiving collar. Collars vary for dogs with short and long hairs.

Instant Wireless Fence For Dogs

If you are yet to buy a new electric dog fence reviews for dogs, then a new option from Petsafe is available. It is an “instant” wireless fence for dogs. This time, the transmitter can be plugged anywhere in your home, and it already sets the boundary all over your house. The boundary is an emitted signal—radio—as long as the dog collar receives the signal, then the dog won’t feel the electric shoo. When the dog reaches the warning area, where the radio signal will end, and the warning beep will be heard by your dog—if he continues, then a harmful electric wave will be felt by the dog.

You need not worry, the radio signal can pass through concrete barriers even walls. If you want to adjust the boundaries, you can do so easily. This is a safe way to train your pet, while still letting him play.

The first-ever wireless fence for dogs, which is instantly installed, is from Petsafe. The wireless fence dogs by Petsafe covers a larger area—twice larger, than other copycats in the market. All you need to install your wireless fence for dogs is having electricity and a plug.

Some wireless fences manufactured by Petsafe only offer 5 options for programming the voltage, but this new product has six levels for you to choose from. It is modifiable to suit your dog’s needs to be able to train him. Petsafe boasts of its special and customizable quality fences.

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